Smoked Salmon Sampler 16 oz Gift Box — FREE SHIPPING

Smoked Salmon Sampler 16 oz Gift Box — FREE SHIPPING


  • Wild Caught from Alaskan Waters / Sustainably Sourced
  • Purchase Options: 1 box, 2 boxes, or 6 boxes
  • Four Salmon pouches in each box, 4 oz per pouch


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Our Smoked Salmon Sampler Gift Box comes with four individually packed 4-oz. salmon portions of each species of salmon.  This includes the best of all salmon: King, Sockeye, Silver, and Pacific (Keta). All wild-caught Alaskan Salmon, hand-cut, and traditionally smoked with exactly the right amount of Alderwood smoke. First, we hand-select each portion and professionally grade each salmon fillet. Then we brine them in a salt and brown sugar solution for an amount of time specific to the needs of each species. Finally, we smoke these portions using the perfect amount of Alderwood smoke. We do this to guarantee the highest quality possible. In addition to having a great taste these individually packed salmon portions have a 7-year shelf-life.

Our Smoked Salmon Sampler Gift Boxis a great gift for salmon lovers, or perfect for a quick and ready-to-eat snack for family and friends.


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