International/Expedited Shipping

International/Expedited Shipping


Please enter the shipping differential amount, as e-mailed to you, in US Dollars ($) below.

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Additional charge for International or Expedited shipping.

After placing an international order the shipping differential will be calculated and you will receive an email with the shipping difference. Please purchase the corresponding dollar amount to cover the cost of shipping the product internationally. Your order will be shipped after the shipping difference has been paid. If you decide you do not want to ship the product after you have received the quote for the shipping differential, please notify us by email and you will receive a full refund for the product you have ordered.


If you have not yet placed an order with us, or are a customer in the USA, please visit our main page and or shop page to choose what you would like to order.

Again, this option is meant for International or Expedited Shipping only.  If you need this option, place your order and follow up with an e-mail to  We will respond the next business day.


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