Trappers Cache — FREE SHIPPING

Trappers Cache — FREE SHIPPING


  • (1) 4oz Wild Caught Alaskan Caught Pacific Salmon – Garlic Pepper Flavored
  • (1) 4oz Wild Caught Alaskan Caught Pacific Salmon – Maple Flavored
  • (1) 4oz Wild Caught Alaskan Caught Halibut
  • (1) 6oz (Original) Smoked Salmon Dip
  • (1) 2 oz Bottle of Alaska Bits – The Salmon Alternative to Bacon Bits
  • (1) 3 oz Smoked Salmon Jerky – Original Smoke Flavor
  • (1) 3 oz Smoked Salmon Jerky – Pepper Flavor
  • Great for Hiking, Camping, or a Gift Package


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Trappers Cache

These are Trapper Sam’s favorites. According to trapper Sam, these make for an excellent backpacker’s delight and include something for everyone. Of course, we would have to agree, the Trapper’s Cache does include 7 Salmon products made from Alaskan Wild Salmon that can be added as ingredients or eaten on their own. More specifically, the cache includes a 6 oz package of Salmon Dip, two 3 oz packages of  Salmon Jerky (1 Smoked & 1 Peppered), a bottle of Alaska Bits and three 4 oz smoked pouches of (1 Smoked Halibut, 1 Garlic/Pepper Smoked Salmon, 1 Maple Smoked Salmon).


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