Canned Smoked Halibut — Survival Food

Canned Smoked Halibut — Survival Food


  • Wild Caught from Alaskan Waters / Sustainably Sourced
  • Purchase Options: 2 cans, 6 cans, or 12 cans
  • 6 oz Halibut in each can


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Canned Smoked Halibut: Survival Food

Canned Smoked Halibut, a great survival food. For survival situations that require you to shelter in place, these cans stores well on a cupboard or pantry shelf. With a minimum shelf-life of 5 years, there is little worry about long term storage. Our durable Halibut cans have a stack-well design, allowing them to lock in place in a stable vertical stack. Additionally, we pack our cans with quality wild Alaskan Halibut and apply an Alderwood smoke for additional flavor. This delivers a product full of protein, fish oil, and vital nutrients, a necessity for any survival situation. Recent events have come to show us the necessity for preparedness for both biological and economic disasters. We at Alaska Seafood Company offer a wide variety of suitable products for emergency ration or survival food purposes.

Check out the rest of our can product line, great for those preparing for emergency situations that require us to shelter in place. additionally, we offer a wide variety of purchase size options allowing you to buy in bulk now or stock up over time.

While it is impossible in some areas of the world to get delicious wild Halibut, now, thanks to technology and the Alaska Cannery, you can enjoy a convenient 6-oz. can of smoked Halibut that will travel with you anywhere you go! Anything but ordinary on your next family camp out.

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